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I consider myself very lucky to have learned very early in my contracting career the number one, most important aspect of any home remodeling project; Cleanliness!


It doesn't matter how good the final result is if, throughout the job process, your contractor makes an absolute disastrous mess of your house.


And I have something to tell you that most contractors won't...


There is no such thing as 100% dust free sanding or remodeling!!


Sorry, ain't gonna happen!!           BUT......


I promise you I will do everything possible to make the process as clean and dust free as possible!


I use state of the art "Dustless" machines. I cover your furniture. I put up plastic barriers. I vacuum and dust door casings, window sills,

counters and anything else that may have been exposed. The job-site is cleaned of all debris and organized everyday.


No one can guarantee a dust free remodel but I guarantee I will be one of the cleanest contractors you have ever worked with.